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What is your CARBON footprint ?


  • Global warming is not a theory but a fact and we all need to do something to reduce our emmissions of carbon dioxide
  • It can only be a matter of time before governments frame legislation which will compel us to reduce our consumption of fossil fuels
  • Turning to renewable sources which are carbon free or carbon neutral is the only long term viable option, moreover we should all remember that oil, gas and nuclear fuel will run out in the foreseeable future
  • Systems such as Solar Thermal collectors can provide 50 to 60% of yearly domestic hot water needs and with gas prices spiralling upwards the payback period is reducing
  • The government  is providing grants for renewable energy capture systems installed in the home and there is a fully comprehensive set of information available on this topic
  • If you would like to discuss what you could do in your home then please contact Elissa Engineering for an informal chat











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