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Elissa Engineering is based in St. Albans Hertfordshire and specialises in plumbing, heating engineering and renewable energy systems. We are a group of mature qualified professionals who understand not only the practical aspects of our work but also the technical aspects, something which is increasingly important as the industry becomes ever more regulated, for the safeguard of the consumer.

All of our work conforms to the latest Building Regulations which means for example we give emphasis to

  • Water conservation
  • Water quality
  • Energy conservation
  • Earth safety bonding
  • Serviceability and access

Our commercial aim is to give value for money to our customer base and to grow that customer base by good references, so the high standard of our work is guaranteed. If you would like to contact us regarding a project you might be considering or some problem which needs to be tackled then please call Jim on 07871 759750 or email info@elissa-engineering.com



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